dermenum® LASH MASCARA


  • makes lashes stronger, thicker and fuller
  • prevents the loss of eyelashes and stimulates their growth
  • has regenerating properties
  • ensures proper make-up of eylashes
  • improves the condition of eyelashes and restores their healthy look
  • lengthens the eyelashes
  • accentuates the look
  • mascara is available in black colour


  • everyday eyelash care and make-up
  • eyelashes that are thinned, short and falling out
  • weak, thin and delicate eyelashes
  • sensitive eyes, prone to irritations


10 ml

  • dermenum® lash mascara has been dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested.

    On the basis of conducted tests it has been stated that after 28 days of regular application, dermenum® lash mascara:

    • strengthens eyelashes and restores their healthy look in 95% of respondents
    • prevents excessive loss of eyelashes in 90% of respondents
    • stimulates the growth of eyelashes in 75% of respondents
    • ensures proper care for weak and damaged eyelashes in 90% of respondents

    What is more, the surveys also evalated the properties of the product. dermenum® lash mascara:

    • does not leave eyelashes clumpy in 75% of respondents
    • visually lengthens eyelashes in 90% of respondents
    • thickens eyelashes in 95% of respondents
    • makes the eyelashes more dense, giving the expressive look, without weighing the eyelashes down in 90% of respondents
    • gives the eyelashes an intense black colour in 100% of respondents

    Application tests, lasting twenty-eight days, as well as the evaluation of properties attributed to dermenum® lash mascara have been performed in an Independent Research Laboratory.

  • Molecule Regen 7

    A unique active substance. Present only in dermenum® products.

    Physiological active substance of vitamin origin (vitamin PP metabolite), which improves microcirculation of the scalp and strengthens the hair follicle. It improves its nutrition, and hence extends the life cycle of the hair in anagen phase and stimulates hair growth. Irritation preventing properties of this substance have been proven during application tests (Pol. J. Pharmacol., 2003, 55, 109). It regulates the activity of sebaceous glands and maintains a healthy scalp. More »

    Pro-Vitamin B5

    Pro-Vitamin B5 is a natural component present in the skin and hair, it is crucial for their proper formation. It reveals high affinity to hair keratin, and hence it is easily absorbed by hair. It leaves the hair shiny, smooth, thick and hydrated.


    Creatine is an amino acid derivative, present in human body. This agent has a multidirectional activity. It increases energetic capacity of cellular metabolism and improves protection of the skin and hair against adverse environmental factors. It strengthens, conditions and regenerates hair.

    Rice proteins

    Rice Proteins are moisturizing and softening. Improve hair condition and protect them against adverse impact of external factors.

    Palm oil extract

    Palm oil is known for its protective and moisturising properties. It regenerates and lubricates. Nourishes and smoothes the hair surface.

  • Thoroughly clean your eyes and remove eye make-up. Apply the mascara with a wand, from the bottom to the top of your eyelashes. Begin the application from the inner corner of your eye and gradually move the wand towards the outer corner of your eye. Pull the wand along your eyelashes lightly in a "zig-zag" fashion, moving the wand back and forth, ensuring equal application of the mascara along lashes. Repeat the application to obtain the desired result. This product can be used in a continuous manner.

    This mascara is recommended for women with sensitive eyes and for those wearing contact lenses.


    • due to creamy consistency, mascara can be easily applied on eyelashes
    • does not leave the eyelashes clumpy and does not smudge
    • long-lasting and quickly drying mascara
    • specially profiled wand facilitates the application of mascara, even on short and weak eyelashes, reaching from the bottom to the top of eyelashes
    • does not stick eyelashes together
  • It is crucial to remember that eye make-up has to be thoroughly removed on a regular, everyday basis. Falling asleep with eye make-up results in clogged hair follicles and skin irritations, which as a result leads to weakened and falling out eyelashes. Remaining make-up may also cause mechanical damage to eyelashes, by breaking them. When removing make-up, avoid using too much force when rubbing the eyelids. Apply make-up remover with the use of cosmetic pads, and then wait for a while, as this enables the preparation to dissolve the mascara. Remove the make-up with delicate, vertical up-and-down movements, and then from the outer to the inner corner of your eye. In case of weakened eyelashes, requiring intense regeneration, it is recommended to use dermenum® lash mascara along with dermenum® lash conditioner, which stimulates the growth of eyelashes.