• strengthens and regenerates the nail plate
  • prevents nail splitting and peeling
  • restores healthy looking nails
  • provides intense hydration and nourishment, softens dry and cracked cuticles
  • has nourishing properties
  • increases nail shine and smoothes the nail surface
  • provides complex care and protection for the nails and cuticles
  • the serum has a nice and pleasant aroma
  • it is easily applied on nails
  • it is quickly absorbed


  • week, splitting and peeling nails
  • damaged nails, requiring regeneration
  • dry and cracked cuticles


7 ml

  • Efficacy of the serum has been confirmed in dermatological application tests.

    After 4 weeks of using dermenum® regenail nourishing nail serum on a regular basis:

    • 100% respondents reported that it improves nourishment
    • 96% respondents reported that it strengthens and moisturises the nail plate
    • 96% respondents reported that it prevents cuticle cracking
    • 92% respondents reported that it restores healthy looking nails

    Four-week application tests have been performed in an independent Research Laboratory.

  • dermenum® regenail nourishing nail serum is a specialist nail care product based on an active complex of natural oils (Natural oil Complex) including: myrrh, cotton, almond, canola and wheat germ oils. This complex has also been enriched with vitamin regenerating cocktail (vitamins A, E, F and C), as well as lecithin.

    The unique composition of the product ensures comprehensive care and protection of the nail plate as well as the cuticles.

    Natural Oil Complex -

    Myrrh oil- it has astringent, anti-bacterial and soothing properties.

    Cotton oil - it is a source of essential fatty acids (EFA) - myristic, palmitic, stearic, oleic and linoleic. It nourishes and protects the skin. This oil regenerates the natural hydrolipid barrier of the skin, as well as regenerates nails and cuticles. It also reveals emollient properties.

    Almond oil- it is a natural emollient, which is a source of essential fatty acids (EFA), squalene, vitamin E and phytosterols. This oil strengthens the hydrolipid layer of the epidermis, moisturises and regenerates cuticles and nails. It also has softening properties.

    Wheat germ oil - it contains lipids, vitamin E, ceramides and glycoceramides. It soothes irritations, moisturises and conditions cuticles and nails. It also smoothes and firms, as well as strengthens the epidermal barrier.

    Canola oil  - it is a natural source of essential fatty acids (EFA), vitamin E and phytosterols. It is known for its emollient properties. It creates a protective layer on the skin and on the nail plate, which prevents transepidermal water loss (TEWL). It moisturises, softens and smoothes.


    It is one of phospholipids. It moisturises, as well as supports epidermal regeneration.

    Vitamin cocktail (vitamins A, E, F and C )

    complex of vitamins A, E, F and C strengthens the natural protective layer of the skin and nails. It improves their elasticity and flexibility, as well as moisturises, softens and smoothes. This cocktail has regenerating and antioxidant properties. It improves the look of dry and cracked skin.

  • Apply the serum 1-2 daily on clean and dry nail surface and surrounding cuticles. The tube with the brush enables easy and precise application of the preparation. After applying, massage delicately and leave until the serum is fully absorbed. The product may be used continuously.

  • In order to improve weak and damaged nails that require regeneration, it is essential to:
    • limit excessively frequent hand washing and drying
    • wear rubber gloves when doing housework and protect your hands against washing agents
    • moisturise and nourish cuticles and nails by using nourishing nail care products rich in natural plant oils and vitamins
    • protect your hands against cold, wind, as well as UVA/UVB radiation
    • use glass or paper nail files
    • avoid cosmetic products based on acetone, which dries the nail plate
    • apply a proper base coat before applying a nail polish
    • maintain a balanced diet providing a proper amount of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, macronutrients and micronutrients; in case when the diet is not varied it is recommended to use dietary supplements (such as dermena® complex)