Eyelashes and eyebrows weakened and falling out

For many women eyelashes are a very important part of beauty. In fact, they have other important function of protecting the eye. Their main and primary task is to protect the eye from external factors (i.e. dust or dirt). Eyelashes grow on eyelids margins in two or three rows. On the upper eyelid there are 150 – 200 eyelashes, on the lower 50 – 150. Eyelashes of the upper eyelid reach a length 8 to 12 mm, while eyelashes of the lower eyelid from 6 to 8 mm. Eyelashes, similar to hair, do not grow continuously. Its growth has three phases: anagen, catagen and telogen. Eyelash growth cycle is however much shorter than the hairs and is about 3 - 4 months. Anagen phase is a phase of intensive hair growth, during which cells divide intensively inside the hair follicle to form hair shaft. For eyelashes this phase lasts for about 2 – 3 weeks. Then catagen phase (transition), associated with morphological changes and shrinking of the hair follicle begins. For eyelashes this lasts for 2 to 3 weeks. After this period the hair begins the telogen phase, called resting phase, which is associated with loss of blood vessels around the bulb and hair follicle and as a result loss of a hair. This phase lasts for 60 days for eyelashes. After the eyelash falls out, the hair follicle is not damaged but returns to the growth phase again and the cycle is repeated. Growing, resting and falling eyelashes are distributed randomly along eyelids. About 60-80% of eyelashes is in an intensive growth phase. Falling of about 1 to 2 eyelashes per day is normal. Losing more eyelashes per day should raise concern. If eyelashes fall out in clumps you should see dermatologist who will determine the cause and apply the appropriate treatment.

Causes of eyelash loss

The main cause of eyelash loss, as in case of scalp hair, is weakening of the hair follicles. There are number of factors that affect this process.
The most important include:

  • insufficient nutrition of the hair follicle – a diet poor in vitamins, micro- and macroelements,
  • inflammation due to infections, such as blepharitis or conjunctivitis,
  • hormonal disorders, such as thyroid diseases, menopause,
  • autoimmune diseases, such as alopecia aerata,
  • some medication,
  • chemotherapy,
  • stress,
  • sun and cold exposure.

Very common cause of eyelash loss is improper care and beauty treatments. Of particular significance is the eye makeup removal – whether it is forgot or performed improperly. Sleeping with eye makeup on can block hair follicles and cause skin irritations and as a result weakness and loss of eyelashes. Unremoved makeup causes mechanical damage to eyelashes – breaking off. Eyelashes condition is also affected by the way makeup is removed. When removing eye makeup, eyelids should not be rubbed too hard. After applying makeup remover you should wait for a while and then gently remove the dissolved mascara with a cotton pad. Another culprit of eyelash loss is an eyelash curler. Improper and frequent use can damage and break eyelashes. Eyelash weakening can also result from eyelash extensions. Frequently, after such procedure eyelashes require regeneration and growth stimulation.

How to care for eyelashes?

In order to keep lashes healthy, attention should be paid to proper care and strengthening. A great way to do that would be using the appropriate eyelash conditioner, rich in active substances that moisturize, regenerate and strengthen lashes (e.g. dermenum® lash conditioner). It is also important to choose the appropriate mascara that will not only be a part of makeup but also take care for condition of lashes and its healthy look (e.g. dermenum® lash mascara). In case of eyelash growth disorders and its excessive loss, hair follicles should be provided with comprehensive actions to stimulate the activity of hair follicles and reduce eyelid inflammation. An important element is also dietary supplementation with nutrients responsible for proper growth and condition of hair (e.g. dermenum® complex). Products that provide lashes with proper care and strengthening and reduce eyelash loss are dermenum® lashline products.

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